• When The Botton Falls Out

    Has the bottom ever fell out of your life? Life was going well.  You had your routine. You had a little money saved. You finally felt as though you had a handle on things.

    AND BOOM! Suddenly things fall apart all at once. Or you are hit with such a major blow that nothing is the same afterwards.

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  • The Strength of The Black Woman - Do We Have The Space to Be?

    Old to Us but New to You!

    For our season premiere we're releasing an episode that was recorded over a year ago but is very relevant today. Take a listen, follow us on social @The Authentik Life and share your thoughts.

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  • Life After The NICU

    I am back and so excited to be back! We will be diving in head first to ensure we remain true to our NO FLUFF gurantee. If you have been keeping up on social @authentikally_angelica or @shopauthentiklife you would know I have been sharing my journey to motherhood very raw transparently.

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  • P.U.S.H

    On this episode we are discussing adding  prayer to our lifestyle.

    The power of prayer and how IT’s common in our culture to say you are going to pray for someone and not actually do it.

    We are not talking about the  churchy or Christian jargon.

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  • Let’s talk Real Love, Real Relationships & Real Marriages

    Most want the title. But I am not sure if everyone is aware of What the role entails. Sickness, Financial Woes, Family Issues, Most think of hardships in marriage as infidelity But it’s so much deeper.

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  • Mama Needs a Break 

    We discuss mama's taking a break away from their kids and family.

    I just went on my first trip without my kids.

    I had mixed feelings initially, Mom Guilt is real. As moms sometimes we struggle with being unable to relinquish that control.

    * Thinking the worse.

    * Not Prioritizing self care.

    * Unrealistic expectations.

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  • Real Friendship 

    What is Real Friendship and what it is not. I've learned over the years that friendship is not what it was painted to be when I was a teenager. We have to be careful not to have unrealistic expectations of people.

    Should a friendship be as taxing as a marriage or committed relationship?

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  • Authentik Conversation Solo Episode

    Authentik Life is a community for women who have persevered through tough times. We provide a platform for women to share their story of how they overcame life altering obstacles.

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  • Authentik Convo With LaTrice Staten of Nails That Speak

    This episode we are with Trice Staten owner and founder of Nails That Speak and we are discussing choosing your path and being intentional in walking by faith. Trice is a Gem, Truth Teller and Powerhouse. 

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  • High and Mighty

    On this episode we are discussing how a lot of people forget the growing pains and their past mistakes. They begin to only see life through the lens that are currently in. We have to become more transparent with our experiences in order to break the generational curse of making everyone believe things are perfect and easy, clean and full of fluff.

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