About us

Meet Our Founder - My name is Angelica White. I am the Founder of The Authentik Life, a women empowerment company. I am a woman of faith, mother of two, entrepreneur & SURVIVOR. I have overcome childhood molestation, divorce, losing a parent, financial struggles and the everyday journey of raising a special needs child. I am empowered to help other women who are currently going through a dark season. Authentik Life was birthed from my passion for talking to women who haven’t always been dealt the best hand or have made choices that steered them in an unplanned direction. I believe young women need to hear the stories of REAL women and find comfort in knowing they don’t have to be perfect. We aim to empower women to overcome life altering challenges through deeper connection with themselves, Christ, journaling and community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide women resources, products and community to help them overcome the challenges of life while living authentically themselves.